Wednesday, 24 March 2010

fmp - cups

Iv been working on a piece about housework, the chapter talks through afew alternatives we could use to washing up and tells that when we clean we should find pleasure in it. What I took from the chapter is we shouldn't be ruled by housework, we should do it when we want not when it needs doing.

I tried to think of a way to show someones mess, without making an image about pointless clutter. I came up with the idea kitchen utensils and washing the pots. I decided to have a sink in the image that way we can see the pots will be washed...just let them pile up and don't worry about them...they will get done but we are in charge of when.

Monday, 22 March 2010

fmp - shopping desire

This chapter of the book also proven to be quite difficult to come up with a stable idea. although I found theres a lot more imagery I could have worked with than there is with bills. As I work in a supermarket I noticed there was afew things I could use. also adding the found imagery into my illustration seemed to work out really well too.

Towards the end I noticed theres was something about the bar code that I made with the bending bars I wasn't happy with, its still a little busy on the top half of the image though but this will be solved shortly.

fmp - bills

Here's the final piece for the 'bills' piece Iv been working on. the origami was really stressful at first but then it became fun and I started to enjoy the process.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


I noticed this penguin book cover at the V&A, I found that it is very similar to the work I produced for the secret history brief we were given, [its pretty much the same idea!]

Swava Harasymowicz recently won the V&A book cover Award. the judges felt her image for the cover image for Eugene Onegin cleverly deals with the reader's aversion to seeing a fixed picture of a character, which they often prefer to themselves.

spot the difference ?

fmp - bills

Argh, I'd safely say this chapter on bills has been hardest to illustrate, here's some of my ideas that didn't quite work as well as Id hoped. This part of the book tells us to not be tied down by bills, we shouldnt have to to pay them strait away, so afew alternatives are to just ignore them [although there will be consequences], the chapter also tells we should take control by cancelling direct debit and write checks. In the end I chose a theme of making them fun [new pictures coming soon!]


Heres the final piece for 'cast off your watch'


Okay so one of the chapters in the 'how to be free' book is about banishing anxiety and being carefree, this part of the book talks about how reading the newspapers and simple every day things that we are surrounded by makes us anxious and how we should get rid of them. It also explains how we can be free without television in that we get so sucked in by all the advertisements.

At first I played around with CCTV as the chapter touches on ID and how each of us are being monitored so closely. this idea didn't work very well for me I decided to go with theme of anti - media and advertising. I think this picture is successful, it gives the feel we are being sucked in.

London - Karl Bielik

One of the first things I did when I got to London was go to to Karl Bieliks studio.
Jayne arranged the visit but luckily he was more than happy to see the two of us.
Here's afew pictures I took of the studio, hes also in a band, so we sat in the music studio whilst we chatted.

He looked through my portfolio and suggested afew agencies I could contact, he was really helpful and seemed to enjoy my work.
We had a look at his portfolio too, however he told us he tends to work more as an artist than an illustrator now.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

London - Mark Pawson

I arranged a visit with Mark Pawson during our recent trip to London. He answered my questions and let me takes afew pictures of his place [he works from home]he talked a lot about his books and badges ,most of which are produced from home. A great deal of his work is hand bound and printed, he sometimes uses a 'gocco' which is a Japanese printing machine.

The best part about the visit was that he gave me the kinder egg book!