Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Louise Vormittag

Louise Vormittag is part of a group of designers called 'Container plus' they are a team of three and combine illustration with set design. She studied illustration and originally wanted to go it alone, she was a mature student but was lucky enough to find a friend who worked in the same way. When she graduated her and Nicola decided to collaborate. through practice they developed a way in which they could work in sync with each other really well. She says one of the reasons they work together so well is because they have the same level of commitment.

Over time they had become more interested in photography and set design. Their work was evolving from the line drawings they started out with. for example one their first commissions the selfriges shop window design. One of the reasons they was changing their work is so it would be more difficult to imitate their individual style. Their team over time grew from two to five, they took on two photographers and a set designer. They worked together for a year but then discovered things wernt working out. the chemistry wasn't right between the five of them and eventually the two photographers left the group. leaving two illustrators and a set designer. She explained how on big commission they hire assistants to help out with the work for example (cutting out shapes from paper) 

They have a huge list of impressive clients including Top Shop, MTV, SONY, diesel and Blossom Hill


Here's my work for the calender wev been working on for the Beaufort wind scale brief. We got to work with Andy martin which was great and all the images seemed to work in sync with each other despite all our different working styles.
Anyway I got the month of July so I decided to theme it on holidays, the idea is that umbrella is being brown inside out by the wind. As the wind was 6 on the scale which means umbrellas are hard to handle.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

what should we eat?

Here's my image for one of the half pages of the Eureka brief. 
I chose to produce the image on the article 'what should we eat?' 
I started to think about things we shouldn't eat [things that are not even food]
I went on to cut out shapes, then came up with the concept of the bird.
Once shrunk down I was really impressed with the cut out shapes and how well they worked in the composition.