Monday, 22 June 2009


I asked Otto a few questions,[ unfortunately I cant post it all on here. ]

Is there any artists or illustrators you are particularly interested in

or influenced by? Who is you favourite?

What other influences do you have, cultural or social?

Not so many illustrators, my favourite ones where Andrej Klimovski, 

Paul Cox (the french one), Jeffrey Fisher, Luba Lukova, and older 

ones like Gerd Arntz, Cieslevisz, and then way back the russian ones 

Rodchenko, Mayakovski, Klutsis,...

But more so I like to look at baroque painting, especially italian. 

With more modern influences I look mainly at film art, French 

nouvelle vague, Japanese and European movies, basically independent 

film makers. Culturally I'm not really fixed, as I don't have any 

artistic family background. But I usually follow the guideline of 

form following function.

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